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"My life changed when I fell in love with the scale..."

I mean...she still gets on my nerves, but I understand she's here to help.  Like the brutally honest BFF.  I use her as a tool to show me what's working, what's not & when I need to change it up.


You can fall in love with your scale too.
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Every year my New Year's Resolution was to lose weight.  Every month I started a new diet & every Monday I would tell myself "this is it, this time this diet will work". I can't tell you how many times I found myself in tears over my weight struggles.  

Something had to change... And it did when I decided to say NO! to diets. I needed to do something different because I deserved it.

Jamie D.

Recovering Yo-Yo Dieter, Born Again Athlete

Lost 30lbs

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