Shhh! Its a Cheat Sheet...

Here it is my Party People!  

The Clean∙ish Method: A Complete Guide to Stop Yo-Yo Diets & Lose Weight Happily - Cheat Sheet is here.

I am sharing with you not only because I love you & want to see you win, but because if I understand your journey & how your mind works; you’re just about ready to give in. 

Three months in and the “New Year – New Me” juice is gone.  I applaud those who are still sipping the Kool-Aid, I mean sugar-free Crystal Lite, but let’s be real some days you’re just not feeling it.  The gym is getting lonely, no more crowds, and no one cares to hear about the awesome all veggie dinner you made last night. 

You feel energetic-most days, your clothes fit differently and the positive changes on the scale are either slowing down or stop completely.  You see maybe 1-2lb difference every other week and your thinking – If this is not a weight-loss week, I am HAVING that CAKE!

Fear not my strong one!  I am here to remind you, YOU GOT THIS! 

I went thru the same thing last year.  My four-month weight loss streak abruptly ended in March.  I was still exercising regularly {heck I even completed my first Half Marathon} but the scale stopped moving.  I hit a three-month plateau and was forced to revisit The Clean∙ish Method PrinciplesI also found additional alternatives and better choices to the things I loved like veggie “noodles” & cauli-EVERYTHING from rice to mash.

…Here’s my little secret on cracking the code to losing weight happily by plate...


But first a few Pro Tips:

  1. Use a a 7" plate or Bowl 
  2. Go for seconds - have veggies, then protein no carbs
  3. Water! Water! Water - drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces DAILY
  4. Snacks - are ok, but never after dinner
  5. Above all, be prepared ALWAYS



Pro Tip: Drink 20oz of water first, load up on Protein, healthy grains or good carbs and you’ll see you will be full all thru lunch.  


LUNCH: Get a boost of energy & avoid the mid-afternoon lull...

Pro Tip: Don't forget 20oz of water before you start lunching. I find an alarm reminder helps with and finishing a bottled water before ordering my food curbs craving too. 

DINNER TIME: we've done great, can't mess it up now...

Pro Tip: More water & higher water content veggies plus some protein. 


The Clean∙ish Method is simple.  If you work the program you can successfully reach your weight loss goals eating more.  More veggies, more clean produce, more of everything that feeds our Mind, Body & Soul.  Your journey does not have to end with the same ol' story of another failed attempt.  I stopped telling myself that story over a year ago, and today I can Happily Say I eat more volume then every before.  I am happy, healthy & a 2x Half Marathon Finisher all thanks to a method that helped me say NO! to diets and fall in love with myself again.



Your Fit BFF,


Momentum is everything


PS. you never have to walk this journey alone.  Let's chat over cake & find away to work together.

2019 NYC Half Marathon Finish Line

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