The Shocking Revelations of a Cake Lover Turned Reborn Athlete

I read somewhere that 70% of people who start a weight loss journey fail, for me…that seems about right.  As a chronic yo-yo dieter, I was a part of that stat.  Just looking thru, the photo library on my phone I can count at least 8 separate diet attempts in less than 3 years.  Pics of diet books, screenshots of Fitness Programs, weight loss name it, I probably have it tagged, pinned or saved somewhere.

With the reminder of previous attempts & fear of failure lurking, I created this program with one thing in mind: I wanted to be fit & healthy but enjoy cake too. To continue enjoying the foods I loved guilt free.  I said “NO!” to another diet & BOOM The Clean∙ish Method was created.

The Concept is simple: Eat Clean Fresh Whole Foods instead of processed ones…most days.

 …and it worked!

I finally understood to be healthy, I had to change the approach. 'Skinny' wasn’t going to make me happy. Only I could make me happy.  What is happiness? Living a normal life less stressed, effortlessly.  Controlling emotions & reaction to eating, work, relationships, & life in general.  For the longest time “being skinny” was apart of that equation.  With the Clean∙ish Method, unbeknownst began a mindful-intuitive approach & began to lose weight happily.


How do you stop emotional eating? How do you end the drama related to food? How do you lose weight? You set hard goals with a deadline and create the life you’ve always wanted.  Setting simple rules, implementing habits and a lifestyle is born.

  1. Cut the Crap…most days.Follow the 80/20 Rule.  80% Clean unprocessed foods. 20 % whatever my heart desires {which often means cake & fries}. 

When you focus on whole foods and try to be as “Organic” as you can get without the pricey label, your gut health changes.  The bloating stops and your body’s response to food better overall health and weight loss.

  1. Eat more veggies.Seems juvenile I know, but when I made vegetables the base of all my meals, I finally started to feel full and satisfied.  Less bloating & amazing skin was a super plus.  I quickly learned ‘more veggies’ was more than just having more boring salads. It was using alternatives like cauliflower for rice and mash or sweet bell peppers as fries. 

*PRO TIP*: Check out My favorite lunch/Dinner recipe, Healthy Egg Roll

3. Drink more water, simple right?To boost your metabolism experts say drinking more water, and it works.  Every day the goal is at least 1/2 body weight in ounces. Flush the system of inflammation & crap.  

Also, when you drink less sodas, juices and wine {Girl, I’m sorry} you’re inevitably consuming less calories further stretching the calorie deficit. {Mind blown: Calorie conscious WITHOUT being CALORIE CONSCIOUS} & extra steps on your Bathroom Trips don’t hurt. 

*PRO TIP*: Get yourself a cute water bottle you love and will keep you motivated.

  1. Track it- you eat it you track it.  Personally, this is the hardest habit for me. But I quickly realized it is probably the most important for fat & weight loss.  It seems so tedious, but when you are working so hard to change your lifestyle wouldn’t you want to see, in black & white, what works & what is a waste of time?  Like working on your Finances – no one wants to see the bank statements, but you need to see where your money is going. Keep ignoring it but at some point, you have just to rip the band-aid.  Tracking is especially important when you hit the inevitable plateau {it’s going to happen}.  Plateaus are just the body’s way of saying; “Hey Girl, I appreciate you taking care of me, but I’m bored, it’s time to change it up”.  With all tracked you can easily look back and find exactly where to make additional adjustments.

    5. Be happy ALWAYS!Yell it from the roof top. Imposter Syndrome may kick in, but you must learn to fake it until you make it.  Tell you friends, family, lovers anyone with an ear “I am happy. I intend to live a purposeful life filled with joy and love”. Anyone who doesn’t respect, or support has no business remaining in your life.  Remember we are removing toxicity in our Mind, Body & Soul. People sometimes have to get cut too.  If you can't convince yourself you can do it, find someone who motivates you.  An Accountability Partner, your Fitness BFF.  You can find several in our La Femme Sporta Community.  

Complete List for a shift in mindset with these amazing Personal Development books. 


I know, I know.  “Where’s the Secret Sauce?” We’ll my friend, I’m here to tell you The Secret Sauce is YOU! You have it in you & there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  I am here to help as your Fitness BFF, I’ll Keep you safe.  We’ll be the Dynamic Duo like – your present Day Bonnie & Clyde, Lewis & Clark, or Bebop & Rocksteady.  Most successful people have coaches, have partners to remind them of who they are and where they’re going


momentum is everything,

P.S. Hey Rocksteady, its Bebop here. Schedule your Consult TODAY .  Let's get cracking.  It's about time we make Fat cry.


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