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Welcome to La Femme Sporta! Jamie here... your Wellness BFF! La Femme Sporta is a community of women {for women} inspiring and supporting each other to live our best life; happy, healthy & of course fit.  Think of La Femme Sporta as your Pinterest for all things Wellness with me as your Concierge.  


I am a cake lover turned Born Again Athlete.  Without diets, I help women lose weight happily using simple clean eating habits & other life hacks. I understand your despair from another failed diet.  I get it when you say; "I shouldn't have to try this hard and still be overweight". And I feel it in my Soul the desperation for just ONE-pound weight loss after weeks of endless cardio & bland salads.  {Been there. Done that. Lived it.}  As a Recovering Yo-Yo Dieter, I understand the pain you feel no personal trainer, nutritionist, or 'skinny' friend {bless her heart} could ever comprehend. They don’t understand the struggle because they have never lived it.

We were creeping into the Holiday Season when I cried my last tear over weight.  My personal & professional life crumbling around me; I found myself staring at a picture of me at my heaviest. At least 215lbs {probably heavier} of lethargy, anger and disappointment. I was launching an Active Wear Brand and thought NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY LEGGINGS FROM SOMEONE WHO CAN’T FIT INTO THEM.

The thought of starting another diet just made me cry. I knew what was coming…Another restrictive diet that would force me to miss celebration, family gatherings and foods I waited all year to enjoy. I would miss everything for just another failed attempt.

With the will to Win, I made small lifestyle changes. I created my own Clean Eating Method swapping processed foods for whole foods.  Homemade meals that didn’t take hours to make with ingredients I could pronounce.  I lost one pound at a time gaining self-confidence, along with self-love, passion for fitness and a community that kept me accountable. 

Today I am proud to say Clean Eating & regular exercise is the new norm.  I am finally living the fit life I’ve always dreamt of and you can too. 

We’re excited for you to start your journey & meet your goals.  Live a fit, healthy and happy life with your Wellness BFFs and your Cleanish Tools for success.


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